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Orgyaan Affiliate – Orgyaan’s Affiliate Marketing Program

Orgyaan welcomes you to participate in one of India’s biggest affiliate marketing programs. With the help of this Orgyaan Affiliate Program, bloggers, publishers, content creators, Youtubers etc. will be able to generate revenue from their traffic.

With over thousands of effective products available at Orgyaan, affiliate will be able to make use of hassle-free tools for building links. The purpose behind this would be to help audience make way to their recommendations. Moreover, it would be convenient for the audience to earn from suitable programs as well as purchases. 



Frequently Asked Questions:

Orgyaan presents here a set of questions along with answers in regard to its Affiliate Program. Take a look at the following section and know everything:


What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate program is intended to form a relationship between a merchant and the affiliate. Here the merchant pays the affiliate for providing links from his site to the former’s site. The affiliate gets paid only when he is able to make a profitable sale for the merchant through the resultant link. With the help of our Bitly toolbar, you can easily shorten your link.


What are the benefits of an Affiliate Program?

Out of the many benefits derived from an Affiliate Program, one is making good revenues. If you have a target audience and you share unique links to generate effective sales, you will earn up to flat 15% reward. Here, one who comes through this link will get 5% discount on purchasing a product. Furthermore, you will get bigger exposure for your products and this would result in brand awareness. As a result, you will be a known name in your respective industry. 


How an Affiliate program Works?

By means of an Affiliate program, relevant products as well as programs can be shared with your audience. This can be done by making use of customized linking tools. As a result, money can be earned on not only qualifying purchases but also customer activities like free trial program sign up etc.


How am I eligible for an Affiliate program?

In order to become eligible for an Affiliate program, you need to have a valid website or a proper mobile application. On this condition, you can always become a part of the Affiliate program. Here bloggers, content creators, social media influencers, and publishers can become eligible to join the Affiliate program.


How to sign up for Orgyaan Affiliate Program?

In order to sign up for the Orgyaan Affiliate Program, the process is very simple. Once it is done, we would go through your application and approve in case we find you eligible for it. To sign up, click here.