Press and Media

Orgyaan welcomes everyone from the press and media to know the following details about our company:

• Orgyaan is India’s reputed online personal care store that sells herbal products of the most superior quality.

• We are focused on our objective of sustaining health and hygiene among people instead of focusing on commercialization.

• All our products are sold to various parts of India as well as to remote corners that serves the objective of helping one regain a happier and healthier lifestyle.

• We are strict about dealing in products that are medically tested by experts, or otherwise, we don’t accept adding used or cheap products to our online store.

• With time, we have built a huge list of customers with positive feedbacks and now we are looking forward to reach more people in future.

        In regard to the details mentioned above, we are glad to welcome the press and media to interact with us and know everything. In this respect,

• If anyone is interested to interview us, we are ready to appear for it.

• If anyone wants to know any type of business information, we will deliver the same through either a face to face interaction or voice call or Skype, whichever medium is comfortable for the interviewer.

• If anyone is willing to gather detailed information of our business in regard to the current market scenario, we will provide so with pleasure.

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