Faqs By Privacy

Can I face any legal complication after ordering adult products from your store?

No. Each and every order we process, we follow all lawful steps. Most importantly, we are not fake nor follow any illegal ways to serve our customers. As per our privacy policy, we always ask our customers to read and accept. It is our duty to request our users to understand and read the privacy policy prior to shopping.

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Is it safe to share my email address with your store?

Of course, it is absolutely safe to share your email ID with our online store. We simply use your email address to send you the order details and follow-up. We are against selling any customer information through an email. We are against sharing your email details with any third party. Sometimes, we send discount coupons and promotion details through emails.

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How will I know that my privacy is protected?

With a deep understanding that you want to keep your buying intentions private, we have laid down a privacy policy. All our customer details are kept hidden. Moreover, we guarantee discreet delivery for every order we send. Hence, we are highly aware of promising privacy for all our customers.

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